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Truck Features & Capabilities


We take tremendous pride in our fleet and that means equipping each truck with the very latest technology to make it more capable, safer, and kinder to the environment.  

TIREBOSS™ Tire inflation/deflation systems


Our vacuum trucks are equipped with the TIREBOSS™ system that allows us to decrease and increase the tire pressures on the fly. This means that when we are traveling off road we can increase the footprint of our trucks, thereby decreasing the amount of soil compaction and damage to vegetation that we cause. This means that we can operate more effectively in muddy or soft conditions. We can land spread without causing ruts and other damage to fields, and we don't chew up the lease. 

Heavy duty agitator systems


Our vacuum tanks are equipped with a unique heavy duty agitator system that keep our loads fluid and consistent. This means that when we are land spreading we can deploy our loads in a consistent thin film. Our agitator systems are specifically engineered to be exceptionally durable. Other agitators have been known to break in the field, causing equipment failures and down time. Not TKS agitators. They are powered off the main hydraulic system so that they turn even in the toughest conditions, and will keep the loads fluid even in the heaviest shale. TKS customers never have to worry about leaving lumps in spread fields. 

Advanced vacuum systems


Each TKS vacuum system starts out with a heavy duty vacuum tank. All of our tanks are made of 1/2" rolled steel with multiple bulkheads to ensure that the tank itself can handle anything we throw at it. From there we add in our unique heavy duty agitator system. We have to specially engineer each tank to be compatible with our agitator system so that we can operate at high pressures and maintain a sealed vessel. Next we add on a Hibon VTB 820 vacuum blower. This is the only dry, positive displacement blower capable of attaining 95% vacuum. This means that our trucks really suck. The Hibon VTB 820 is not only top of the line in terms of capability, but also boasts legendary reliability. Our vacuum systems also incorporate redundant filtration systems that keep debris out of the blower. This means that it takes a lot to break down our advanced vacuum systems. 

Top of the line Diesel engines


All of our trucks are equipped with either a CAT C15 or a Cummins ISX15 Diesel engine. These two engines are hall of famers in the trucking world. They both offer exceptional power, reliability, fuel economy, and emissions performance. These engines are the heart of our fleet and our customers can count on them to keep on beating even in the very toughest conditions.

High capacity water tanks


Our water truck fleet is equipped with water tanks of 20 cubic meters or greater. This means that our loads count. TKS water trucks do the job with fewer trips making the hauling job faster and more efficient. In addition, each truck is equipped with a 4" Bowie pump to load and unload quickly and efficiently.

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