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TKS Industries operates only the best equipment so that we can provide our clients with all of the services they need while avoiding equipment failures and costly downtime. Our fleet is equipped so that it can handle work in facilities, land spraying, drilling rigs, pipeline, and more. TKS Industries' head office is located in Lacombe, AB but we operate in all corners of the province, wherever our clients need us. 

Staying on site


Each of our trucks has a dedicated well site shack so that our operators have a comfortable place to stay right on site so they are always available when you need them. Each shack is equipped with all of the amenities including full kitchen, bathroom, and shower. 

Competitive rates


We offer some of the best rates available for COR compliant services. We realize that each job and each company is different so we offer flexible services along with flexible rates. We are always ready and willing to work with the client to come up with the solution that is best for them.

Exceptionally safe


At TKS Industries we have an exemplary safety record. We recognize that as an industry this needs to be one of our top priorities and at TKS it is. Our operators are very well trained and know their equipment so that they are some of the safest workers on site.

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