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A Company to be Proud of:


TKS Industries is a vacuum trucking and water hauling company that services the oil and gas industry in Alberta. We have over 10 years of experience in the drilling side of the industry with an outstanding record of safety and customer satisfaction. 



At TKS Industries we are very proud of our excellent safety program. The safety first attitude at TKS starts with upper management and resonates through the entire company. We have a full time safety coordinator that is constantly monitoring our field staff to ensure that they are following policies and procedures and working safely. In addition, we also track a number of leading safety performance indicators to ensure that our excellent record does not cause us to become complacent. We are a COR compliant company. 

This program has translated into an excellent safety record that is among the best in the industry. We believe one of the keys to success for our safety program has been communication. Our WORK SMART program ensures that we are in constant communication with our operators and give them constant support while they are in the field. By keeping this constant communication we can to ensure that they have everything they need and are ready to get the job done. 

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TKS Industries runs the best iron in the industry. Period. We do not pinch any pennies when equipping and maintaining our trucks. This means that they are equipped with all of the features that our clients desire including vacuum tank agitators and Tire BOSS systems.


Our entire fleet is less than 7 years old and is proactively maintained by full time heavy duty mechanics. With our meticulous maintenance program we have managed to nearly eliminate onsite equipment failures. On the off-chance that something does go wrong in the field, we have a 24 hour on-call field service team and a fully equipped service truck to get our equipment up and running as fast as humanly possible. 


In addition to this, we usually assign an individual operator to each machine so that our operators become very familiar with their equipment and take as much pride in their equipment as management does. 

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TKS Industries has managed to attract and retain some of the best operators in the industry. All of our operators have H2S Alive, First Aid, Confined Space, WHMIS, Dangerous Goods, and a minimum of a class 3 driver's licence with a GODI ticket. Our operators are constantly requested back by clients because of their safe work practices, exceptional work ethic, and positive attitudes. 

It is not a fluke that TKS has great operators. We are constantly monitoring and training our team to get safer, more efficient, and more pleasant to work with. Each operator goes through quarterly reviews that cover both safety and competency, and get follow up training if there are any areas that need improvement. We also recognize that positive attitudes make the work place a better place for everyone. For this reason our entire company attends an annual attitude seminar that includes team building, conflict resolution, and positivity workshops. 

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