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Hydrovac Excavation Services 

Dig Safe Services Available:


  • Trenching

  • Line locates

  • Utilities exposure

  • Clean-out and debris removal

  • Steaming

4 x 4 Trucks 

For jobs with limited access we have compact 4x4 trucks that can get into difficult locations. All of our trucks are billed out at the same low rate, regardless of features. 

Servicing Alberta and Saskatchewan

This is our approximate service map. For long term jobs we are happy to open up new locations to serve our customers. 

4x More Powerful Equipment Than Leading Competitors

We exclusively use the SmartVac truck which brings tandem and tri-drive truck power to a single axle truck. This means fewer billable hours for the same job. 

Highly Competitive Rates

We do more work for less money than our competitors. How do we do it? We simply run our business with lower profit margins so that we are more fair with our customers. Give us a shot and watch your expenses go down. 

Full safety compliance with COR
For Sales and Dispatch Please Call:
(24 Hour cell phone)
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