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Environmental Stewardship


In the oil and gas industry environmental stewardship is extremely important. We need to be as kind to the environment as possible in order to sustain our beautiful planet. As an industry our environmental practices are coming under more and more scrutiny, and our social licence to operate depends on how well we manage these challenges. 


TKS Industries is committed to environmental best practices in everything we do. The production companies that TKS Industries works for rest well knowing that they have 100% buy in from us on all environmental policies. 

Our trucks are equipped to be kind to the environment:

Low emissions Diesel engines


All of our trucks come with either the CAT C15 engine or the Cummins ISX engine. These engines are known not only for power and reliability, but also low fuel consumption and emissions. For more on our engines click here. 

Extra thick vacuum tank walls


All of our vacuum trucks are built with 1/2” thick rolled steel vacuum tanks. This provides a heavy barrier between the fluids inside our tanks and the natural environment outside. We also continuously monitor the thickness of our tank walls to make sure that they haven’t eroded excessively with use. This means that it would take a lot of force to breach our tanks and cause an environmental spill. For more on our advanced vacuum systems click here.

Roll bars on exposed tank connections


The Vacuum outlets on all of our vacuum tanks are equipped with roll bars to protect them in the event of a vehicle rollover. These roll bars are another thing that is designed to keep the fluid in the tank out of the environment in the event of an accident. For more on our advanced vacuum systems click here.

Heavy duty agitator systems


Our vacuum tanks are equipped with heavy duty agitator systems that keep our loads fluid and consistent. This means that when we are land spreading we can deploy our loads in a consistent thin film that effectively fertilizes the soil in the spread field and makes it easy for vegetation to grow. For more on our heavy duty agitator systems click here.

TIREBOSS™ Tire inflation/deflation systems


Our vacuum trucks are equipped with the TIREBOSS™ system that allows us to change tire pressures on the fly. This means that when we are traveling off road we can increase the footprint of our trucks, thereby decreasing the amount of soil compaction and damage to vegetation that we cause. For more on the TIREBOSS™ system click here.

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